What's Your Abundance Score?


I know I have, a time or two…or three. 

We are constantly caught up in the loop of scarcity. 

Not enough income. Excessive spending. Far too much stress and insecurity when it comes to money and finances.

The truth is that we all – in one way, shape or form — have strong negative unconscious associations with money.

There’s good reason for this. Research has shown that 80% of our daily thoughts are negative and rooted in scarcity.  And when you live out of scarcity, you attract more scarcity.

But you know what? 

You control your thoughts. Which means you can change your thoughts. Which means you can change your association with money.

But here’s the problem…

Most people don't even realize their own money thoughts. They are on auto-pilot and these thoughts become so common and get repeated over and over.

Because of this unawareness, they make the tragic error of programming themselves with unconscious limiting beliefs. Or worse, allow these beliefs to become “truths” that ruin their financial life.

Eventually, this will kill your finances. 

If you find yourself constantly stuck, feeling worried and stressed or can’t seem to get a handle on your finances...

A mistaken, outdated mindset about money is likely the cause.

And your mindset along with the thoughts you are choosing, creates your current  financial life. 

Please hear me when I say this...

Your thoughts are powerful. And they are a reflection of You. Which means You are powerful too!

You can choose thoughts that serve you, thoughts that move you towards your financial goals, thoughts that shift your financial situation for good.

Do you know what you REALLY think about money? Take the Abundance Test below to find out.

I promise that you can do this. It all begins with awareness - when you become aware of your underlying thoughts, you can then make shifts to change them.

I guarantee this Abundance Test will change the way you think and relate to money. Forever. 

(Yes, I know that’s a strong statement. But I stand by it.)

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Vanessa SmithComment