Abundance vs Scarcity


abundance vs scarcity

“I live in Abundance. Money constantly flows to me from unknown but expected sources.” Yep, that’s one of my actual money mantras! What level of Abundance are you living on? Do you worry about money? Feel like you’ll never have enough? Unsure you’ll ever hit that income goal? Check your thoughts! And get out of scarcity – it doesn’t look good on you.  

What's your Abundance Score? Assess every area of your life – Where you live, where you shop, what car you drive, the state of your furniture and décor, the level of your wardrobe (clothes, shoes, lingerie – yes we are going there), your level of self-care and wellness (diet, working out, self-talk, quiet time), etc. For each area, choose whether you are living at Scarcity or Abundance.

Let me explain how. 

Scarcity – It was all you could afford, looking at it now makes you feel ashamed or embarrassed, causes inconvenience, you needed it and bought the least expensive option, works well but it’s not perfect (could do for an upgrade), wastes time, not your first choice but better than what you had before.

Abundance – Makes you feel WORTHY, purchased as an investment in your future, brings you joy and excitement every time you look at it, elevates you as a person, great quality, perfect for what you need, creates convenience and saves you time, serves you above and beyond, a symbol of your accomplishments.

This has nothing to do with spending over your means and that’s not what I’m telling you to do. This exercise is about evaluating what level of mindset you were in when you made decisions in various areas of your life. Did you decide out of Scarcity (it’s all I could afford) or Abundance (I can attract the money I desire)?

If you have littered every corner of your life with decisions based on scarcity, its no wonder all you see is scarcity around you. Shift your mindset by making new decisions out of a mentality of Abundance and then watch the magic unfold.

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