Sample your dreams

Want a quick way to trick your subconscious?⠀✨

Think about the life you desire and bring part of it into your current reality. Maybe you dream of living a particular lifestyle, driving a certain car, dining at higher end restaurants, travelling to exotic places. ✈️

Whatever it is – start to sample it now.

Test drive that car or rent it for the weekend, go out to those places that you wish will one day be your norm. Do this only if it’s within your financial means, of course. And if it’s not, save up for it and then treat yourself to living a part of the life you desire.⠀✨

When you sample your dreams, you shift your mindset and trick your subconscious into believing you are already there. And if you implement the rituals I shared during the last 10 days (mantras, visualization, forgiveness, etc.) your subconscious will work to do whatever it takes to keep you there. 💕To keep you at the level of your desires.⠀

You CAN manifest the life of your dreams!⠀💕

Vanessa SmithComment