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Can You Love you, through and through?

When you see a child fall off a bike, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Most likely, you run to them and ask “Are you ok?” After you console them and find out they are competely fine, you deliver a profound and prolific message on “Try again.” Whenever you see a child “fail” you always encourage them and remind them that they can become anything they set their mind to. This is our h0pe and dream for every one of our children.

Children are born and enter this world with no concept of failure. They actually love themselves. Some are born overweight and others underweight, some tall and others short, yet they roam the earth loving, happy, smiling and full of positive energy. They are in full and complete love with themselves.

When does their mindset shift?

As adults, we forget that we once were children and at some point during our time as little humans we had no fear, believed in ourselves and loved ourselves exactly as we were. We need to be reminded of this as adults and embrace more self-love.

Self-love isn’t selfish. Remember you can’t be of full service to others if you’re not in a serving position. Let’s think back to the beautiful story of Titanic. Jack was only able to save Rose because he was in the water freezing to death; very romantic. However, if Jack would have swam to a life boat, saving himself first, he could have been in a serving position to save Rose, and the option to save many others as well.

In life you set goals in direct proportion to your level of belief. And the more you love yourself and know you are able, the more you believe in yourself. Now is the time to love yourself even more.

A Few Tips You Can Try:

(NOTE: You can try these tips without social media, cell phones, etc. A little time away goes a long way. Trust Me.)

1. “I am” Affirmations. These are powerful because your words create. You are a creative being and all of creation started through speech. Try a powerful affirmation like: “I am strong” vs. “I am weak”. Repeat both 10 times and notice your energy. After which statement do you feel more empowered? Now create more “I am” affirmations that empower you and say them daily.

2. Me time. Do things you love. The universe acts fast when you’re having fun, so reconnect to you. Go for a run, get back into a lost hobby or take up a new one! It isn’t a sin to take time out for you.

3. Nature time. You are an energetic being and when you get grounded to nature, you get reconnected to your Creator. Walk bare feet in the grass, be in the forest, be with water or take in the sky while you’re lying in the park.

4. Quiet time. They say silence is golden. Take some time out for you to read a book, go for a massage, a bubble bath or just meditate.

The objective is to reconnect to your higher self and increase your vibrational frequency. The higher your frequency the easier it is to manifest the life you desire.

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