The Blame Game

This powerful question is my secret little weapon. It shifts my perspective immediately and has me standing in my full Worth.

We looovee to play the blame game every now and then (I’ve been guilty as well). "I don't have enough money because my job pays me pennies...I was never taught how money works...I don't make enough money to save..."

The words you say, clearly indicate who or what is in control of your life. Only you can find another job, only you can change your spending and saving habits, only you can ask for help or make an investment to learn how to better manage your money. It's on you, boo!

Stop giving away your power and playing victim to your circumstances. Be the boss of your finances!

Live in your Power, Stand in your Worth and take back control over your Life.

Journal Prompts:

  • What is my relationship to money?

  • What areas of my life have I given away my power when it comes to finances?

  • What are some changes I can make to live in my power?

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