The Wedding of a Lifetime – City Hall or The Taj Mahal


The average wedding cost in Canada today is over $31,000 and $26,720 in the United States.

Yes, that’s enough for a 20% down payment on a home for sure. What else can be done with $31,000 or $26,720? To think that it’s only for one day.

Personal story, I was more interested in the marriage and not the wedding, and still am. I also couldn’t fathom forking out all that money for one day. My wedding day was a whooping, get ready for it, $6,234 day and some cents. It was romantic, intimate and perfect. I was able to actually be with everybody and not running around worried about all the moving parts and all the guests to know if they are properly catered too. The mere thought of this increased my blood pressure. Remember, everybody is different and that’s ok. This is what worked for me and can work for you if you so please.

Invite Close Friends and Family. A very intimate wedding made this day very special. Think of family gatherings. For the most part you’re only interacting with a select few, but the small intimate connection makes it wonderful. The larger it is, may lead to more stress. At this point you want to ensure everything is running smooth so that all the guests are happy. Ask yourself, “Do I really need to invite Jessica because we were best friends back in middle school?” This is your special day, so don’t feel pressured to appease your family’s requests.

Sit and think what part of this day will make it special and what’s truly important to you. Is it the food, the entertainment, the venue, the dress, the limo, etc? Sit and really plan or budget what’s a priority for this special day. If it’s the venue and not so much the décor, then you know you can look at more feasible options for your décor items. Don’t be afraid to ask and include other family member and friends in your wedding planning. They may have great ideas or can possibly direct you to more feasible options.

The truth is, after the day is complete some will remember, some will forget. Some will absolutely love every aspect of it and others will dislike every aspect or some aspects. The truth, you can’t please everybody. That being said, start with pleasing yourself. Play with various combinations for your wedding so its cost friendly. You can change the week or even the day of your wedding if it will incorporate savings. A weekday wedding is much cheaper than the weekend. Destination weddings are always an option, and you can’t go wrong with an outdoor backyard wedding. Play with the dinner options; maybe an outside caterer, dine at a restaurant with a fixed menu, wine for everybody. The bill at the end of the night is yours and you want to remain in control. Exercise creativity, you can make your own center pieces and table décor. There are many options and you can do it.

A memorable day doesn’t require you to break Miss. Piggy open or go into unnecessary debt. I assure you the tips above will keep things classy, cool – and within your budget. Trust me – I know.

Vanessa SmithComment