What is Manifestation


Aladdin’s lamp may just be a story, but you do have the power of a Genie within you.

Many speak about the power of manifestation and tell you that you can manifest anything you want. What used to be called law of attraction has adopted the new phrase of manifestation. What is it? It’s energy.

The world we live in is all energy. We are all comprised of atoms and everything we have in our life is magnetically attracted to us. Yes, good or bad. Even the flat tire you got or getting laid off at work. At some point prior to that experience, either something was said or seen, most likely by you, and you resonated energetically with that thought on an emotional level.

Now What

You want to be conscious of your thought patterns. Because manifestation works as such: thoughts create your feelings, your feelings create your actions, your actions produce a result and your result produces another thought. You want to be super conscious of what you’re thinking and aiming to manifest into your life. Everything that you have or do not have is all your doing, so take responsibility now.

How to Attract/Manifest

The simplest way for you to attract the things in which you want in your life is to create a positive emotional connection to that which you seek. Your emotional energy is the strongest form of manifestation. How would you feel if that which you desire had actually come true? That’s the feeling and frequency you want to vibrate on as often as possible.

You must also believe that which you are seeking is also seeking you in return. It’s already yours and in your possession. You have already acquired it mentally and emotionally and now you’re just waiting for it to form in the physical realm. The rate at which things manifest into your life is in direct proportion to your level of belief.

The best analogy to emphasize this point is sending a letter to Grandma across the world. Once you write it, seal it, and then put that postage stamp on it, you no longer worry about HOW or WHEN it gets to Grandma. You just know she’s going to receive it. You don't stay awake at night wondering if it will get there or call her every day to see if she's received it. Instead, you have a relaxed knowing certainty that the letter will get there, at the perfect time.

This is the same level of energy, expectation and belief you must have towards the things you desire.

Vanessa SmithComment