Jami no longer holds guilt or shame around her finances

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"I come from an accounting and finance background, yet my personal financial planning was lacking. I was nervous to have my first conversation with Vanessa because I kept thinking to myself that I should know better. She made me feel comfortable from our first meeting, no shame at all, she explained everything in detail and I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. She is very supportive and truly wants her clients to succeed.

Working with Vanessa is fun, inspiring and empowering. I have no more guilt or shame around my personal financial plan, I am actually excited about it. I can’t recommend her enough!"

- Jami Monte, CPA, Tax Educator & Founder of MonteCPA []

Libby peeled back the layers of who she really was and what she felt worthy of accepting into her life & manifested a new job

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“I had recently begun to recognize my own limitations in allowing abundance into my experience. I love that Vanessa’s approach is so genuinely values-focused on reclaiming our own worth and vision for our future. I peeled back the layers about who I am, what I want, and truly what I feel worthy of accepting into my life. These words might feel small, I promise you, the experience was not. Vanessa's energy is so powerful, empowering and positive. The exercises truly changed my life, especially the Money Manifesto, which I have found to be the one thing that I can always count on to lift my mood no matter what is going on around me. By the end of our time together, I'd accepted a new job that is completely aligned with my vision for my future and where I want to be going, which I had not made much progress towards over the last year. I cannot recommend working with Vanessa enough, in any capacity. She is a beautiful human on track to change the world!”

- Libby Meis, Certified Professional Coach (Career & Personal Development) []

Ksenia used to be a HUGE shopaholic and now her desire to shop is completely gone

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"If you are on the fence about working with Vanessa, just do it! I thought it would be great to get over my debt issues and what I got was so much more! I found out that I thought money is dangerous and that there is never enough, when in reality everything in my life has said otherwise. I stepped into my self-worth in a negative and traumatic client experience and I shifted my mindset around my debt and saw how much it has allowed me to grow and achieve in my life and now see it from a place of gratitude vs. a place of shame and guilt.

I also used to be a HUGE shopaholic throughout my whole life and the desire to shop is literally not there anymore (this one still shocks me every day). All this goodness and I haven't even gotten to how amazing Vanessa is. Trust me and trust yourself - this is so worth it!"

- Ksenia Azanova, Owner + Designer at kesvn studio and Founder of Future Leadhers [ |]

Jamelia worked through negative patterns to create financial abundance

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“Working with Vanessa not only changed me financially but personally it provided the tools I needed to look at my life and money in a healthy and respectful way. For over a year and a half I was searching for someone, something to help me with my money “situation” and I asked and the Universe delivered it to me by connecting me with Vanessa.

What I loved most was that the coaching wasn’t just about numbers, spreadsheets and financial data, it tapped into your money blocks, your relationship with it and working through those negative patterns to have a healthier understanding of bringing in financial abundance.

Thank you, Vanessa again for setting the foundation for me to develop a healthy mindset with money and to have the tools I needed to continue to grow my financial wealth.”

- Jamelia Gregory, Spiritual Life and Relationship Coach

Andrea is no longer afraid to look at her money + she manifested new opportunities into her life

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“Money has always been a taboo topic while growing up and even through my adult years . It was refreshing to be able to speak about it freely. Vanessa provided me with valuable strategies and also asked thought provoking questions to help me dig deeper to uncover my "money blocks".

My money mindset has shifted exponentially. My mind has opened up to look at money in a positive light — I am not afraid to now look at money as something that is good for me. Money became a part of my daily self talk. When I changed my mindset and manifested what I wanted in terms of money, I started to see opportunities and connections suddenly arise in my life.

I would recommend working with Vanessa to anyone who is looking to shift their money story. You will not leave the same way you came.”

- Andrea Grant-Jones, Leadership & Success Coach, Sales Expert, Speaker & Facilitator []

Robin had a complete mindset shift and is now very clear about her money blocks and how to change them

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“Have you ever had to make a BIG decision about a BIG investment and had so many questions and doubts about whether or not you were making the right decision? And let's imagine you went ahead and made that BIG investment....did you ever experience buyers remorse? Well, if those questions sparked any memories for you, just know I have BEEN THERE! As I was making a decision about my investment in working with Vanessa , I had so many thoughts that tried to stop me from making the leap! But once I did...when I tell you...NOT ONE time did I second guess it or have buyers remorse. And that's saying a lot for me, especially around a MONEY investment. Working with Vanessa from beginning to end shifted so much for me! I now am very clear on my money blocks, I understand what to do about it and I feel equipped to make the changes. But more than that, I feel like I have gained a community of like-minded women who I can turn too even if I get stuck! I am grateful for Vanessa and I know you will be too! Do it girl! You deserve it!”

- Robin May, TV Host / Executive Producer, Speaker, Therapist & Coach []

Maria got out of debt, shifted her financial habits and started the business of her dreams

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“Vanessa is absolutely amazing at what she does and I highly recommend her! She has taught me so much about how to properly manage my finances over the years. Through her organization and support, I have learned to save, invest and happily paid off my debts that were holding me back for years. I now own a medical spa with 6 employees and will be planning to open multiple locations in the near future. 

Vanessa also continues to support me and my employees by educating and empowering through her positive outlook on life and has helped us create visionary goals that will guide us for years to come.  What I love about Vanessa the most is her honesty, genuine pride of helping people and her positive approach. She's very thorough, patient and great at explaining everything about finances I never understood before.” 

- Maria Tapia, Owner of Pulse Skin & Laser Clinic / Voted Top Choice Medical Spa in Mississauga 2018 & 2019

Gerri learned how to make her money work for her and is now saving for the future while still enjoying the present

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Before I met Vanessa, I was saving, but not for a specific purpose and with a mindset that I would never have enough money. Working with Vanessa helped me realize ways I could save for the future AND live in the present. By developing a budget alongside my goals & dreams, my personal money management has improved tenfold, and I feel much more confident pursuing opportunities that are moving me towards a life of financial abundance.

Vanessa's detailed knowledge and insights on how to make my money work for me coupled with her charismatic and friendly personality was refreshing. This combination is the mark of a true professional and I can't recommend Vanessa enough!

- Gerri Nakirigya Lutaaya


Ashley removed a limiting belief that was holding her back

“I had the absolute pleasure of working with Vanessa, One-On-One to remove a negative habit that was no longer serving me. Previously, I was always using that habit as a crutch to hold me back. And after working with Vanessa I found that I was no longer interested in that negative habit and now I can easily find new habits to supplement that serve me at a higher level. I really cannot say enough good things about working with Vanessa!”

- Ashley Perkins, Founder of The CEO Academy

Vee & Imanzi set their new financial goals as a family & learned how to manage their money together before getting married

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“Vanessa helped us map out our financial goals prior to us getting married, both individually and as a couple. What we appreciated most about working with Vanessa was her genuine care, compassion and sound advice. There was no judgment, it was all about moving forward in the right direction and thanks to her, we now have a solid, personalized, financial management plan, that has already started to pay off. We're so grateful and blessed to be supported by a knowledgeable, down-to- earth and caring professional. Thanks so much Vanessa for everything; you're the real deal!!”

- Vee and Imanzi

Jada now feels valued as a woman

“I learned the true meaning of taking hold of empowerment as a woman and believing in my self that I can do anything once I absorb positivity in my surroundings - not just with money, but other areas of my life as well. I also learned that whatever I gravitate to I will attract in my life whether positive or negative. Mentally allowing this teaching to surround my space has allowed me to have some great insight into things that were already seasoned in my life and to change my mindset towards some of those things in a positive way. I want to thank Vanessa for being such a fantastic mentor to me at a time in my life when I was feeling less valued as a woman.”

- Jada Pierre-Malcolm

Pica got clear on where she was spending her money

“Vanessa was the right fit from the start. She got to know me as a person first in order to understand my motivations when it came to money.  Then came the work. She was able to speak my language and help me understand where I was with my spending. She was easily able to teach me how to notice what needed changing and to adjust accordingly. To me, Vanessa is a gentle strength and her teaching methods are both encouraging and efficient.” 

- Pica, CEO of Rasath1 (Singapore)

G’ane is empowered with her finances

“Who would have thought that women's empowerment and finances would be in the same sentence?! Vanessa empowers women through their finances and it is such a breath of fresh air! Although financially-based, the content learned can also be applied to other areas of our lives. Vanessa's genuine, thorough, easy-to-understand approach provides us with the tools needed to create the financial freedom and lives that we desire.”

- G’ane Everheart

Oleta created a new money mindset and better habits

“Vanessa has helped me be more accountable for my finances. She helped create new and better habits of my money mindset and the way I view and value money! Thank you Vanessa for your guidance and support!”

- Oleta Thomas

Amanda transformed her finances with more mindful spending and organized savings

“FANTASTIC! I've always struggled with savings since I tend to live in the moment without planning for all my big dreams and financial goals in the future. Vanessa helped me to be more mindful of my spending, to be strategic and organized with my savings, and to transform my finances. I highly recommend Vanessa to everyone.”

- Amanda A.

Rahwa regained her financial confidence

“Having something like this that was so personable, available to me when I was feeling out of control and distant with my finances was a breath of fresh air! I look forward to growing in financial confidence and independence as a young woman.”

- R.O.

Marcy stopped the cycle that kept her stuck for years

“Vanessa is just fantastic! I was looking to get my money in order because I was stuck in a cycle of learning and losing and learning and losing and just couldn't get ahead to properly save for my goals. I reached out to Vanessa and she has helped me get a better understanding of how money works and how to properly budget and save. Because of her I am now more financially conscious and more empowered because she has helped me with my financial situation. As a result I have more peace of mind, more confidence and I finally know where my money is going.”

- Marcy F.