I’m Vanessa, a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP) and Founder of Mint Worthy.

I call myself the “Holistic Money Coach” based on the discoveries I’VE HAD during my own JOURNEY WITH money...

I spent almost a decade in the accounting industry helping corporations in Canada and the U.S. make sense of their numbers. I made the leap from corporate number crunching to personal finance for two reasons: 1) I’m not built for a career of cubicles and calculators and, 2) I know first-hand how financial independence can change a woman’s life. Now, I’m tapping into my wealth of knowledge and experience to empower women to live life on their own financial terms.

Fresh out of university, I made some sloppy financial decisions. I moved into a condo I could barely afford, sipped far too many Starbucks Frappuccinos, and let my savings account collect dust instead of interest.

I was looking for a way to get my money right when a friend taught me how to create a budget and a financial plan.


I became obsessed, studying everything about personal finance I could get my hands on. Then, I started putting what I learned into practice.

I traded in my condo for a basement apartment, cut back on the store-bought caffeine, and started saving aggressively. Within five years, I’d saved $100,000 and bought my first investment property. It wasn’t easy, and I dropped the ball a time or two, but in the end, it was worth it.

Excited about my new found financial freedom, I started chatting with my friends about my experience. Those conversations revealed that many women were just as lost about personal money management as I had been. I realized that far too many women were diving head first into consumer debt, neglecting their savings, and dreading checking their bank account balances and credit card statements.

I created Mint Worthy to fill that gap.

And as I went deeper into my own money journey, I discovered that there is more to money than just the numbers.

As I was advancing fast through my Accounting career I felt like I was merely existing. I was making lots of money but I wasn’t happy. I kept believing that the next pay raise or promotion would make everything better. But, as my salary grew so did my insecuries about money, life and my future.

I was wrongly thinking more money would solve my problems – but what I failed to realize was that my scarcity and lack mindset was actually making things much worse!

I had so many blocks about money that I didn’t even realize were holding me back.

This led to a new obsession of understanding how our thoughts and mindset create our reality. I was so intrigued that I became an NLP Practioner so that I can provide proven mindset tools that create lasting change in your money habits and behaviours and help you create new beliefs that align with the true woman you desire to become.

Here’s the truth - learning how to manage your money isn’t hard. There are thousands of books and courses out there that can teach you! BUT if you learn new techniques and still have the same limiting beliefs about money, you will quickly end up right back where you started.

Everyone has unconscious Abundance Blocks that they are not aware of.

Most people don’t even know how to discover what they are, and they keep wrecking havoc on their financial life and then spill into other areas of their life. We unconsciously trap off our own right to abundance - we believe we have to work hard to make money, our job is our only source of money, we need a partner to be secure, money can’t possibly flow to us easily, we need multiple jobs, we aren’t smart enough, we come from the wrong background or upbringing to be wealthy, hard work equals success, the size of our salary determines our worth, saving is hard, our parents didn’t teach us about money, and on and on. We load ourselves with so many limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging thoughts. It’s no wonder our financial life is a mess! And even though we try, we can’t make lasting change because we stay stuck in a limiting mindset about what we deserve and our right for wealth.

If no one has ever told you this before and even if you don’t believe it right now…. Wealth is your Birthright! You are meant to live those bold, audacious dreams. You are meant to provide your family with a life greater than you imagine. You have full permission to create a life you love, experience all the desires of your heart and have all the money necessary to do so. And let me say, that’s not selfish. It’s you doing what most people fail to do in their lifetime - live their best life.

I now live the life of my dreams, have a greater sense of purpose, and feel so much fulfillment that I never knew was possible.

I'm on a mission to help more women reconnect to their dreams and live out that big audacious vision of their life. Are you in?


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