Women love to talk. We’ll talk for hours about the things that matter to us: our families, our work, our favourite retail brands. But when it’s time to talk money, our lips shut tight. You’d almost think “finances” was the dirty F-word we’re not supposed to say in mixed company.


That’s probably because, for so many of us, money and finances aren’t things we were ever taught to be comfortable with. We get lost in all the financial jargon and convince ourselves we can’t possibly be good enough with numbers to get it all figured out. So, we hide, ignore our growing debts and shrinking bank accounts, and hope it all goes away.

Well, no more.

Mint Worthy was created to change the way that women relate to money and empower them to step into a life of financial freedom. Our goal is to give you back control over every part of your life, starting with your money. And that means, it’s time to get real.

We’re not going to pat you on the back and let you go on pretending everything is fine. We won’t let you keep handing your finances over to your partner or spending way too much on shoes, purses, and expensive lattes while your financial dreams slip further out of reach. Our programs dig deep to help you spot your missteps and cut out the bad habits and attitudes that are pushing you into debt, so you can stop stressing over every penny and start making your money work for you.

Let’s roll up those sleeves, adjust your crown, and get down to business.

Mint Worthy is here to help you get the skinny on your finances using terms you understand and activities you’ll actually be excited to put into practice. Don’t worry, you won’t be juggling dozens of cash-stuffed jars and envelopes and you won’t have to give up your store bought caffeine fix, at least not forever. (I’d never make you do anything I wouldn’t, and there’s no way I’m sacrificing my grande caramel frappuccino with one pump hazelnut—so your little indulgences are safe with me!) What you will do is develop healthy habits and emotions about money, learn practical advice that will help you pay off your debts and save for the things that matter to you most, and leave financial struggle in your rear-view mirror.

So, let’s do this.

Financial freedom is within your reach. Let me help you slay your money monster and leap into a life where money is an asset, not a problem.

I promise, it’s sweeter on this side. Come see for yourself.



To empower women worldwide to reclaim control of their finances and live a life of financial bliss.


A world of financially empowered women who are the boss of their own lives, starting with their finances.