So you are a Diva, a Hoarder, a Worrywart or a Dodger…now what??

Understanding your money mindset is just the first step to uncovering the emotions and thought patterns you have towards money and finance. Sometimes, deep rooted thoughts from our past claw their way into our present as bad habits and limiting beliefs. The only way to keep these beliefs from stunting our growth is to first clearly identify them, cut them off at the root, and plant new, positive beliefs so better behaviours can flourish.   

Money Mindset Workbook
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The Money Mindset workbook enables you to dig deeper, helps you work through those beliefs, create a new way of thinking and dealing with your finances.

This workbook will help you:

  • Understand your emotional connection, beliefs and perceptions about money

  • Uncover why you spend the way you do

  • Assess your image and self worth

  • Clearly identify what financial freedom means to you

  • Identify your dominant and secondary money mindset personality

  • Identify the emotional triggers that cause your current money management behaviours

  • Create an action plan to change unwanted behaviours and reduce emotional triggers

  • Redefine how you want finances to show up in your life, in your thoughts, and in your actions

  • Identify your top financial goals and implement action steps to start achieving those goals immediately

  • Start living in a mindset of abundance by reprogramming harmful thought patterns

  • Regain the confidence to get your finances back on track and start living in financial freedom