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These sessions are all about you. 


Hey Lovely,

Your finances are stressing you out. It always seems like there are more bills than money. You’re in debt, your savings are dwindling, and nothing you’ve tried has helped. 

Well, I’m glad you’re here. 

It means you’re done with being stressed and ready to do something that works. With Mint Worthy’s private one-on-one coaching program, you’ll get all the tools you need to take charge of your finances and get more out of your money and your life.

We’ll explore your financial situation together and every part of your coaching will be customized to your specific needs. You’ll receive detailed one-on-one coaching, a comprehensive review of your finances, a plan to give you a lifetime of financial freedom, and the accountability you need to make sure you’ll reach your goals. 


What’s Included

3 or 6 month coaching program

You will receive…

  • One (1) 2 hour financial strategy session

  • Bi-weekly 90 minute financial coaching sessions

  • Money Mindset Coaching to explore your emotional connection with money, work through money & abundance blocks and self-sabotaging beliefs, and improve your attitude, habits and behaviours around money

  • A detailed review of all your financials

    • Yes, I look at everything. But there’s never any judgment. Seeing everything allows me to provide you a complete overview of your current financial situation and determine areas of focus we’ll work through together.

  • Financial goal assessment and personalized Money Master Plan

  • Assignments and action steps to help you stay accountable and create immediate results


Program Curriculum

The coaching program will provide a holistic review of your financials and guide you through:

  • Understanding your spending habits and identifying areas where you can save more and reduce debt

  • Conducting a debt analysis and creating a successful debt repayment plan

  • Developing a budget that aligns with your financial goals and core values

  • Creating savings plans for the things that matter most, including your retirement and your kids’ education

  • Understanding the importance of life insurance so that you can protect your income, family, and assets

  • Strategies to effectively build lasting wealth and create a legacy for your family

  • Regaining control and confidence over your finances and eliminating uncertainty over your financial future

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