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These sessions are all about you. 


Hey Lovely,

Your finances are stressing you out. It always seems like there are more bills than money. You’re in debt, your savings are dwindling, and nothing you’ve tried has helped. 

Well, I’m glad you’re here. 

It means you’re done with being stressed and ready to do something that works. With Mint Worthy’s private one-on-one coaching program, you’ll get all the tools you need to take charge of your finances and get more out of your money and your life.

We’ll explore your financial situation together and every part of your coaching will be customized to your specific needs. You’ll receive detailed one-on-one coaching, a comprehensive review of your finances, a plan to give you a lifetime of financial freedom, and the accountability you need to make sure you’ll reach your goals. 


What’s Included

3 or 6 month coaching program

You will receive…

  • 90 minute financial coaching sessions

  • Money Mindset Coaching to work through money blocks and self-sabotaging beliefs, and improve your attitude, habits and behaviours around money

    • This includes Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques that shift your subconscious beliefs about money to create a new money story that aligns with the financial life you desire.

  • A detailed review of all your financials

    • Yes, I look at everything. But there’s never any judgment. Seeing everything allows me to provide you a complete overview of your current financial situation and determine areas of focus we’ll work through together.

  • Financial goal assessment and personalized Money Master Plan (my fancy word for a ‘budget’)

  • Assignments and action steps to help you stay accountable and create immediate results

  • BONUS: Access to private client-only events and exclusive opportunities (ie. real estate, investments, etc.) to further create the financial life you desire.

The purpose of this coaching program is to provide you with skills for life. Although I would love to stay by your side forever, my goal is to equip you with knowledge and tools to effectively manage your money on your own and create lasting financial freedom.

Program Curriculum

  • Rewire Your Mind for Wealth and Abundance - Learn to rewire your mind to see money and wealth in a whole new way – a way that is true to you. Create a new money mindset and gain clarity on the woman you want to become and step into her daily.

  • Your Money Story + Releasing Money Blocks - Discover your deep-rooted money blocks and learn Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques to release your blocks and create a new money story.

  • Shifting Your Relationship with Money - Uncover where you and money really stand and identify what thoughts, habits and actions are blocking you from a more positive money relationship.

  • Your Money Roadmap + Heart-Centered Financial Goals - Understand strategies to better grow your money and reach your financial goals. Learn how to create financial goals that you will actually be motivated to achieve.

  • Understanding Your Spending Habits - Shift spending habits and identify areas where you can save more and reduce debt.

  • Debt Analysis and Creating a Successful Debt Repayment Plan - Learn strategies to eliminate debt and remain debt-free.

  • Saving with a Purpose + Understanding Taxes on Your Investments - Create savings plans for the things that matter most, including your short term goals, emergency fund and retirement.

  • Protecting Your Income, Assets & Family - Learn to protect your money right where you are and to effectively build lasting wealth to create a legacy for your family.

  • Creating Your Money Master Plan (Budget) - Develop a budget that aligns with your financial goals and core values – one that you will actually stick to.

  • Work the Plan + Accountability - Action your plan on your own with me right by your side, plus real time accountability to ensure you stick to your plan and create immediate results.

  • Adjust the Plan When Life Happens - Learn how to adjust your plan when life throws you the unexpected (loss of income, health concerns, life changes, etc.). Learn to adjust, bounce back and remain committed to your goals.

Let’s Get Started…

I only work with individuals who are 100% committed to improving their finances and changing their life.

If that’s YOU, fill out an application form and book in your complimentary Money Talk Session and let’s chat about the next steps to designing the financial life you truly want!

Feeling nervous and unsure? Remember, that’s just old money blocks running your life again.

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