Money Mindset Workbook

Money Mindset Workbook


The Money Mindset workbook enables you to dig deeper, helps you work through those beliefs, create a new way of thinking and dealing with your finances.

This workbook will help you:

  • Understand your emotional connection, beliefs and perceptions about money 
  • Uncover why you spend the way you do
  • Assess your image and self worth 
  • Clearly identify what financial freedom means to you 
  • Identify your dominant and secondary money mindset personality
  • Identify the emotional triggers that cause your current money management behaviours 
  • Create an action plan to change unwanted behaviours and reduce emotional triggers
  • Redefine how you want finances to show up in your life, in your thoughts, and in your actions 
  • Identify your top financial goals and implement action steps to start achieving those goals immediately 
  • Start living in a mindset of abundance by reprogramming harmful thought patterns 
  • Regain the confidence to get your finances back on track and starting living in financial freedom

Ready to change your Money Mindset?

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