What's your Money Story?

Most people look at their beliefs about money at a conscious level. Not realizing there is whole other layer of beliefs at our subconscious level that are really running the show.

Some of these beliefs were formed when we were children, running around with a subconscious mind that hadn’t fully developed and matured to be able to process and analyze what we were seeing or hearing. We were just absorbing everything in at face value. ⠀

Think about it…when you were born you had no beliefs, attitudes or judgments about money. As you grew older you took on stories from your parents, your family, your surroundings, your culture, etc. And like it or not these stories are still impacting your thoughts, habits and actions around money. ⠀

Part of my Money Story was a subconscious belief that if I were to become wealthy I would have to lose who I was and no longer love those around me. Crazy, I know! But when you have deep-rooted beliefs that you created unconsciously, you never know what is really down there…Unless you do the work. Uncover your money story so that you can shift your beliefs to ones that serve you!


I can never make over $X (insert number that terrifies you)

I need a husband/spouse/partner to support me in order to be able to live at the financial level that I desire.

I will never have enough money.

Clients will never pay me that much! So I undercharge and offer discounts all the time because I want their business and I’m scared they will say no if I actually charge my worth.

I like the “pretty things” - so I treat myself all the time.

I get uncomfortable when a customer asks about my prices - I constantly change my prices based on how I feel.

I don’t know how to manage money - I never went to school for it and numbers are too confusing.

Being in debt is the worse thing in the World!

If I want to be wealthy I need to make huge sacrifices and work really hard.

Rich people are greedy, sleazy and selfish. I never want to be that.

So what’s your Money Story? Write down all the thoughts and feelings you have about money and uncover what limiting beliefs have been holding you back.


Vanessa SmithComment